Products and Applications

Unimin products add performance and value to a broad and diverse mix of industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications. Our products are more than physical properties and delivered prices. They are the critical chemical, structural and performance components of our customer's products and processes.

Unimin industrial minerals are engineered to fulfill specific physical, chemical and performance criteria. The result is an impressive portfolio of branded products and services with proven performance in a wide range of applications.

Engineered mineral solutions: Fit for purpose and delivered on time and in-spec



We produce the essential building blocks of glass: Chemically pure silicon dioxide for uniformity, highly reactive alumina, sodas and alkalis for durability and strength, and calcium and magnesium rich oxides for stability in the harshest environments. Processed specifically for the glass industry, each grade is designed to efficiently fuse in the glassy phase to produce a homogenous batch.

Applications Include:
Flat and Architectural Glass
Fiberglass and Insulation
Lighting and Solar Panel Covers
Glass Containers
TFT, Plasma and LCD Displays



We offer ceramists a comprehensive portfolio of chemically pure and highly reactive ceramic silica, sodium and potassium fluxes, plastic clays and kaolin, prepared bodies and engineered blends. Whether your objective is design and composition, energy cost management, productivity improvement or process optimization we can propose a solution.

Applications Include:
Frits, Glaze and Enamel Floor and Wall Tile
Tableware and Ornamental Ceramics
Industrial Ceramics and Insulators
Brick and Structural Clay Shapes

Oil and Gas

ApplicationsOil and Gas

Unimin Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of API quality quartz proppants, resin coated sands, cementing additives, gravel packing media, and drilling mud additives. Available worldwide, these engineered products optimize drilling operations and completions to ensure well integrity and maximize fracture conductivity.

Applications Include:
Stimulation (Hydraulic Fracturing)

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Metals & Casting

ApplicationsMetals & Casting

Unimin produces a complete range of refractory and metallurgical grades for the metal casting, iron and steelmaking and aluminum reduction processes. The product range includes resin core and green molding sands, low expansion olivine sands and precision casting zircon sands, calcium and magnesium metallurgical fluxes, and engineered EBT aggregates.

Applications Include:
Ferrous and Non-ferrous Castings
Precision and Investment Casting
Metal Conversion and Refining
Blast and Sinter Conditioners
EBT Refractory Shapes and Monolithics
Fluxed Iron Oxide Pellets



Unimin high purity quartz powders are known worldwide as the starting raw material for semiconductor grade quartz glass, crucibles and diffusion tubing. With impurities that can be measured in parts per million, these uniquely occurring quartz grades are the product of ongoing research and innovation.

Applications Include:
Crucible Manufacture
Quartzware, Jigs and Boats
Quartz Lighting and Halogen Lamps
Photovoltaic Cells

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Plastics & Rubber

ApplicationsPlastics & Rubber

We produce engineered functional fillers for a diverse range of polymer applications. Whether the objective is antiblocking for high clarity film, thermal efficiency in green house covers, improved thermal and forming properties in thermoplastic olefins and elastomers, or the optimal balance of function and appearance in translucent, transparent or opaque plastics, we can provide a solution.

Applications include:
Tires, Gaskets and Rubber Wearing Parts
Flexible Membranes
Packaging and Agricultural Film
Silicon Rubber
Extruded and Thermal Formed Plastics

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Paint & Coatings

ApplicationsPaint & Coatings

Unimin offers our industry's largest portfolio of reinforcing silicate fillers and extender pigments. A matrix of physical, chemical and functional properties, these engineered mineral fillers are proven solutions to address brightness and color development, transparency or hiding power, chemical and photochemical stability, consumer product labeling and green formulating objectives.

Applications Include:
Architectural Trade Paints
Industrial, Marine and Maintenance Coatings
OEM and Powder Coatings
Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics
Clear Coats and UV Cured Systems
Textured and EIFS Coatings

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Chemical & Industrial

ApplicationsChemical & Industrial Products

We produce the structural and chemical components of many industrial and manufacturing processes, including chemical grade reagents, coagulants and causticizing agents, high purity food processing additives, and neutra-supplement grades. Strict criteria are applied to ensure ore selection, processing and refining deliver expected performance in specific applications.

Applications Include:
Pulp, Paper and Paperboard
Chemical and Petro Chemical Processing
Phosphate and Fertilizer Production
Food Supplements, Processing Aids
Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Additives
Personal Care Products

Construction & Engineering

ApplicationsConstruction & Engineering

Unimin offers a complete range of sized aggregates, media and additives for construction, filtration, geothermal and remediation projects. Consistently uniform chemistries, particle size distributions and performance attributes help ensure the efficient operation of industrial and chemical processes and contribute to the quality and consistency of building materials and manufactured goods.

Applications Include:
Soil Stabilization and Remediation
Water Production, Filtration and Treatment
Geothermal and Heat Exchange
Engineered Marble and Stone
Flue Gas Desulphurization
Concrete and Precast Structural Members
Roofing shingles, Building Materials
Asphalt and Coal Tar Emulsion



Unimin produces a range of blended products for golf and sports turf applications, highly reactive sources of calcium and magnesium for animal feed amendments, soil fertility, and agricultural field liming.

Applications Include:
Agricultural amendments
Animal feed components
Golf and sports surfaces
Equestrian and racetracks
Consumer products, including play sand