Good Neighbors

Community & EnvironmentGood Neighbors

We take great pride in our community relations, and value the constructive exchange that exists between our company, our neighbors and our many local stakeholders. Locally formulated community action plans reflect that pride, and our genuine desire to be an involved community member. These plans can include financial participation, sponsorship and volunteer service to benefit school, scouting and sports programs, public safety, fire prevention and conservation initiatives.

We also recognize that the economic viability of our communities is a critical foundation stone of our sustainable performance. We encourage our plants to spend locally and source as much as 80% of our operating consumables from local vendors. The multiplier effect of our expenditures cascades through local contractor, business and service industries to benefit all who live in the community.

Respect and responsibility guide our interactions with our neighbors and our communities.

Lands for Learning

Community & EnvironmentLands for Learning

Unimin opens its restored lands for Boy and Girl Scouting adventures, community outings and educational field trips. Through the Wildlife Habitat Council program of Corporate Lands for Learning Unimin has certified and made our properties accessible as outdoor classrooms, wildlife observatories and recreational spaces.

Facility tours provide a different, but equally valuable, educational experience. Unimin opens its doors to school groups and neighbors to share the science and sustainability of mining. Tours afford an insider's experience where both students and adults are always surprised to learn that "If it can't be grown it must be mined."

Unimin hosts more than 10,000 students, scouts and outdoor enthusiasts on its properties each year.

Preserving Wildlife Habitats

Community & EnvironmentPreserving Wildlife Habitats

An important component of our resource management program is our commitment to preserve and enhance biodiversity on the lands we manage. Working with community and national organizations, Unimin has transformed more than 100,000 acres into healthy and diverse ecosystems for wildlife, including wood ducks, whitetail deer, wild turkey, bluebirds, screech owls and an abundance of fish species.

Unimin is recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) for our preservation efforts, and has certified 37 of our sites through WHC's Wildlife at Work program. We're especially proud to have received the Wildlife Habitat Council's most coveted Corporate Habitat of the Year Award, recognizing our conservatory projects designed to reintroduce and protect displaced species.

More than 90% of Unimin's operations are WHC certified ‘Wildlife at Work’ sites.