People and Careers

Unimin CorporationCareer Opportunities

We recruit and retain the best people by offering our employees a work environment where their talents and energies are challenged and productively engaged. We also encourage a work-life balance where both professional and personal lives can thrive.

Employee benefit and wellness programs are a top priority at Unimin. We promote a smoke-free environment, healthy living habits and safe work practices that contribute to employee wellness at work, at home and in the community. Operational safety is ensured with a full time Safety and Health Officer and dedicated department of Certified Safety Professionals who emphasize risk awareness and safe work practices.

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I chose Unimin to gain experience in the industry and determine what type of work I would enjoy. I stayed with Unimin because the work is challenging and diverse, with many opportunities as the Company continues to grow.

Sandra P, Plant Manager
Chemical Engineer, Colorado School of Mines