Responsible Development

Sustainable PracticesResponsible Development

Sustainable and responsible business practice is the guiding principle of our operational management. We recognize that today's decisions can have long-term consequences, and we proactively manage our processes and resources to ensure there is a sustainable future for our employees, customers, community and other stakeholders.

Unimin sustains its economic growth and the prosperity of its stakeholders through continuous improvement and innovation. With disciplined application, our sustainability programs facilitate the balanced pursuit of economic performance, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Exploration activity, mine modeling and strategic decisions reflect corporate edicts to balance current and future demand with prudent resource management and environmental stewardship.

Unimin is proof that a mining company and the surrounding community can prosper together.

Resource Optimization

Sustainable PracticesResource Optimization

Unimin is committed to the efficient use of the natural resources in our care. Consistent with our continuous improvement culture, plants operate with state-of-the-art technologies to minimize water and energy consumption and to preserve the air quality and noise levels of our communities.

Good resource management also means optimized utilization of the resource to ensure sustainable performance for our many stakeholders. Mine planning, process engineering and production management are organized to optimize our operational performance with a minimal operational footprint. While there is no "one size fits all" approach to resource management, Unimin applies an entrepreneurial approach, tailoring our best practices to work in harmony with our natural surroundings.

Our goal is to conserve and optimize these uniquely occurring natural resources.

Going for Zero

Sustainable PracticesGoing for Zero

Safety is truly a team effort at Unimin. Engagement of the entire team in the safety process, and especially the hourly colleagues, is the key to our safety record. Their hands-on experience brings valuable insights to our safety initiatives and yields practical programs that are collaboratively conceived and collectively implemented.

Employee ownership of Unimin's safety programs is also the key to our 'Zero Harm' initiative, otherwise known as 'Going For Zero'. Our 'Going for Zero' program is a comprehensive, step-change approach to safety that combines training, rigorous adherence to lifesaving rules and peer practice to make every employee a safety leader. 'Going for Zero' at work and at home represents a behavioral change and an anticipated new safety benchmark for our many stakeholders.

‘Safety Starts with Me’ programs are the foundation of the company’s Zero Harm initiative.

Invested in the Future

Sustainable PracticesInvested in the Future

Unimin encourages responsible and sustainable mining practices through community outreach, industry association and university scholarship programs. At each level, these programs foster a better understanding of mining and industrial minerals in our society and reinforce best operational and environmental practices.

Unlike real estate development that forever changes the land, mining is a transitional process that ultimately returns the ground to a landscape that is environmentally harmonious with its surroundings. Our support of universities engaged in the study of geology, hydrogeology, restorative ecology and regulatory policy underscores our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally sound future for the mining and mineral processing industry.

Unimin funded scholarships and endowments promote responsible mining practices.