Health and safety is truly a team effort at Unimin. Engagement of the entire team in the safety & health process, particularly the front-line worker, is the key to achieving our goal of ‘Zero Harm’. 

Front-line worker hands-on experience brings valuable insights to our safety & health initiatives and yields practical programs that are collaboratively conceived and collectively implemented.

Employee ownership of Unimin’s safety & health programs is also the key to our ‘Zero Harm’ initiative, otherwise known as ‘Going For Zero’. Our ‘Going for Zero’ program is a comprehensive and continuously improving process that addresses the three pillars of our safety & health program – safe plant, safe procedures and safe behaviors. The program combines training, rigorous adherence to lifesaving rules, positive reinforcement of safe behaviors and comprehensive auditing.

At Unimin, our first lifesaving rule is ‘Safety Always Before Production’ because there is simply nothing more important than every employee, contractor or visitor going home safe and healthy to their family each and every day.