Unimin depends upon good community relations and a constructive partnership between our Company, our neighbors, and our many local stakeholders. 

We promote local collaboration and encourage our employees to be active and contributing members of our communities. To this end, every Unimin plant proactively develops a Community Action Plan (CAP) that reflects the needs of the surrounding community. These plans can include financial participation, volunteer programs and environmental initiatives in coordination with local government and organizations to benefit all who live and work in our communities.

Highlight Story: Good Neighbor

Unimin’s greenfield project to produce hydraulic fracturing sands in the rural community of Tunnel City, Wisconsin started with a community outreach effort to ensure all stakeholders and opinions were heard. When concerns were voiced about the operating practices of new-market entrants Unimin transported community members to its sister plants in Minnesota for a first-hand inspection of its mining, operating and land management practices. It was an important first step to build community confidence and trust.

The constructive dialogue that ensued over many months helped Unimin formulate an operating agreement that dispelled the town’s concerns. The Tunnel City plant is a self-contained mining, processing and shipping operation, designed to unobtrusively co­-exist with the rolling countryside. More than 7 million cubic yards (5 million cubic meters) of earth were excavated to locate the plant below grade and behind a ridgeline built to conceal the operation and its rail infrastructure from the local country road. From the first exploratory team, Unimin proactively engaged its many stakeholders to prove itself a considerate and environmentally aware neighbor.