Lands for Learning


Unimin actively supports the Wildlife Habitat Council’s (WHC) Conservation Certification program. 

The program involves the community in wildlife and biodiversity educational opportunities and engages both employer and employees in the development and management of public access to Company property for educational activities and wildlife observation.

Highlight Story: Tracking Blandings Turtles

Unimin’s NSO plant has actively been monitoring turtles since 2013. In 2014, Unimin started conducting turtle surveys weekly on two wetlands as part of the Wildlife Habitat Council’s (WHC) Conservation Certification program. Employees monitored species in these wetlands and completed weekly counts of turtles. Results are continuously tabulated, monitored and shared for vital learnings.

This year’s turtle nesting survey was a huge success. Similar to 2016 survey, Unimin employees witnessed several turtle species utilizing the Unimin properties wetlands, watercourses and haul road as habitat and/or travel. The key difference this year is that employees witnessed several nesting turtles and were able to recover eggs for incubation. Additionally, employees assisted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) in the release of 13 Blandings turtle babies into the wild. Further investigation into permits and incubators will be made prior to 2018’s survey, as Unimin may incubate the nests on site.

Unimin also conducts onsite annual “Turtle Training” through the local MNRF office. Training is focused on of the importance of turtles in the ecosystem and the promotion of turtle species in the area.