Building for a growing population

With the volume of global construction output predicted to grow by 85% by 2030, demand for high quality, sustainable material solutions is greater than ever.

Whether you’re looking to increase a product’s strength and flexibility, or reduce its weight and production costs, we’ll work with you to identify the best combination of materials for your needs.


We work with customers worldwide across a range of construction applications, including:

  • cement, dry mix mortar and concrete

  • industrial flooring and waterproofing

  • insulation and board

  • landfill and stabilisation

  • road and rail

Our Portfolio

Our solutions for construction are wide-ranging, stemming from a core materials portfolio that includes:

  • ATH

  • barite

  • bentonite

  • feldspar

  • nepheline syenite

  • limestone

  • silica sand and flour

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