Performing in the toughest conditions

The metallurgy industry demands materials that deliver consistent results in extreme conditions. Our range of minerals and technical expertise combine to provide solutions for customers across three sectors: foundry, steel and refractories.


To avoid variations and scrapped castings, it’s important to use the right type and quality of sand for core and mould making. The right choice of sand should be determined by parameters such as a casting’s size, casting temperature, the type of metal in the casting and the production equipment used.

The broad range of materials in our foundry portfolio enables us to meet customers’ precise requirements, from chemical composition to grain size distribution. Products include:

  • bentonite

  • chromite sand

  • cristobalite flour

  • olivine sand

  • resin-coated sand

  • silica flour

  • waterglass binders

  • zircon sand

  • zircon flour


We’re continuously expanding and improving our coatings portfolio, working with customers worldwide in association with our Coatings Technical Centres in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Incorporating internationally-recognized brand names such as Minex® and SilverBond®, we offer a range of specialist materials, including:

  • ATH

  • baryte

  • bauxite (calcined/RASC)

  • calcium carbonate (ground, precipitated and slurry)

  • cristobalite

  • e-glass

  • feldspar

  • huntite

  • huntite

  • hydrous kaolin

  • microcrystalline silica

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