Enhancing processing efficiency and product performance

Combining an extensive portfolio of performance materials with in-depth technical knowhow, we help our customers to overcome a wide range of production challenges to improve yield and margins and create higher quality ceramics.

Whether you’re seeking processing enhancements such as faster casting rates and lower energy costs, or facing product performance issues such as excessive cracking and warping, we’ll work with you to develop effective solutions.


We work with customers worldwide across a broad range of segments, including:

  • bricks, pipes and roof tiles

  • craft pottery

  • frits, glazes & engobes

  • sanitaryware

  • tableware

  • tiles

  • technical (electrical porcelain, laboratory ware, abrasives & grinding media)


The breadth of materials in our ceramics portfolio enables us to meet customers’ individual needs with solutions that meet a diverse range of physical, chemical and functional requirements. Solutions include:

  • clay (refined & shredded)

  • cristobalite

  • dolomite and calcium carbonate

  • feldspar & feldspathic sand

  • flint pebbles

  • kaolin

  • nepheline syenite

  • prepared ceramic bodies

  • silica (sand & flour)

  • wollastonite

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