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As growth in polymers continues to outstrip materials such as metals, ceramics and glass, our minerals are playing an increasingly important role in new innovations. Whether you’re looking for reinforcement or insulation, transparency or IR absorption, opacity or durability, flame retardancy or anti-blocking, our unique range of mineral fillers and additives can help you to realise both cost and performance benefits. including:


We work with customers worldwide across a broad selection of polymer applications, including:

  • construction: water pipes, membranes, composites, insulation, adhesives & sealants
  • electrical: wire & cable, electric insulation and transformers
  • packaging: films and containers
  • transport: composites, friction materials
  • others: including energy, agriculture, medical


We’re continuously expanding and improving our polymers portfolio, working with customers worldwide in association with our Polymers Technical Centres in Europe, North America and Asia.

With internationally-recognized brand names such as Minbloc® and SilverBond®, we offer a range of specialist materials, including:

  • ATH

  • baryte

  • bauxite (calcined/RASC)

  • calcium carbonate (ground, precipitated and slurry)

  • cristobalite

  • e-glass

  • feldspar

  • huntite

  • hydrous kaolin

  • microcrystalline silica

  • nepheline syenite

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